Friday, August 31, 2012

Wedding: Details

This is going to be a multiple part wedding post extravaganza! Chris and I were married September 3, 2011. It was about 190* that day, but beautiful. I loved every second of the day and wouldn't have changed anything, except of course maybe the heat.

I had these cuff links made for Chris for his wedding present from me. He opened them before the ceremony. His parents are still married and so are both sets of grandparents. His mom gave me her parents wedding picture and a picture of his dad's parents from when they were younger and I had them made into cuff links by a seller on Etsy. I thought it was nice having both sets of his grandparents with him that day. His dad's parents have passed away so they were not able to physically be with us. Chris loved this cuff links.

I made these door hangers to hang on our hotel room doors while we were getting ready. All of the boys were in one room and all the girls in another.

My bridesmaids and I wore the same shoes. Theirs were ivory and mine were navy. Our wedding colors were navy and ivory. We also wore the same necklaces except mine had two strands of pearls and theirs had one strand. I ordered these necklaces from Etsy and I looove them. I also ordered my hair piece from Etsy. It was exactly what I wanted.

This is the detail of the bow on my dress. My dress was ivory and the bow was like a champagne color with a diamond broach.

I used stickers to decorate the bottom of my shoes.

Our memory candle already had the wording on it, but I added the navy ribbon.

I made our unity candle. I printed our monogram on velum and then hot glued it onto the candle and added navy ribbon.

The church aisle. 

I had our programs designed on Etsy and then I had them printed at Office Max. We cut them out and assembled them ourselves. They opened up to be 5 petal fans, which was nice with it being so hot.

I make tears of joy packets myself too. I ordered the envelopes from Ebay and the stickers from Vista Print. I put two tissues in each envelope. Everyone loved them. We didn't have any left.

I made our guestbook with our engagement pictures using shutterfly. Everyone was instructed to sign anywhere where there was white, kinda like a yearbook. I loved doing it this way because I know our guestbook will actually get looked at and I loved reading what everyone had to say.

I made our menu cards on Vista Print.

I ordered favor boxes from Ebay and printed the cards from Vista Print. Our favor was chocolate hugs and kisses. I loved the little boxes because the lids came off and weren't attached like a lot of other boxes I saw. They were a lot of work to put together and then assemble with the ribbon and cards, but I loved how they came together.

I made activity coloring books for every child that attended. I had them set at the able already for them. Each child got a box of crayons too. I have the template for the coloring books still, I think, if anyone is interested.

Picture of part of the table with the menu and favor boxes.

Our wedding rings.

My flowers

I had cuff links made for my dad too. His best friend Morey the dog died a couple months before our wedding. They were literally inseparable and he was devastated about the loss. He was a member of our family for 12 years. My dad loved them.

I made our pocket invitations myself too, including the ribbon band. I looooved this invitations. They took forever, but everyone told me how elegant they were and that they have never seen such a nice invitation. Definitely worth the hours and hours of work.

Now a couple pictures of things that were not photographed by the photographer.

We had people blow bubble when we were leaving the ceremony. I just tied navy ribbon to bubble wands.

I made these door hangers using Vista Print and had them in our out of town bags. Any guest that spent the night at the hotel where our reception was held got an out of town bag. It included cookies, chips, water, these door hangers and pamphlets with things to do in the area.

This was one of my favorite things. My uncle was killed in a car accident when he was 39 from a drugged up semi driver. I was 20 when it happened. I was really close to him and I miss him soo soo much. He was such an amazing person and he was taken way too early. I decided to have his and my aunt's wedding picture made into a bouquet charm. I had them both with me the entire day tied around my bouquet. My aunt was physically present at our wedding and I know my uncle was with us in spirit. I had this made from an amazing seller on Etsy. I got to pick out the crystal colors as well as the ribbon color. I was also able to pick what I wanted on both sides. I had their wedding picture on one side and then my new last name initial on the other side. I wish I would have gotten professional photographs of this, but my own pictures will have to do.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the ceremony!


  1. I love Etsy so much! I have it bookmarked just to look at all the randomly awesome things that pop up on their homepage. The photos on your husband's cufflinks are so classic, very good idea!

  2. The personalized cufflinks are genius! I'm in love with those navy shoes, and that necklace is gorgeous :)

  3. I love how personalized it was! I wish I would have known about etsy for my wedding!