Sunday, August 12, 2012


Today is CD7 and I am still on my period. Someone really should write a book about what to except when you miscarry. Ya know, like What to Expect When You're Expecting or What to Expect Before You're Expecting.. There should be What to Expect When You Miscarry.

Before I found out that our babies heart had stopped until now has been such a roller coaster. I didn't realize that my first period after a D&C would be like this. I figured since I bled from June 23 til July 17 that my period would just be like any other cycle. Uh no, it was so heavy for a couple days that I was going through a super tampon like every 2 hours. I read online that it is totally normal, but I had to call the Dr. because I just didn't understand how this could be normal. Dr. said yep, normal. UGH. They also said it could last 10 days. I'm on day 7. I'm just ready to try again. So stressful.

My Ovulation Chart

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