Monday, May 13, 2013

Maternity Pic Teaser

Here is one of the pictures my photographer, Morgan Marie Photography,  put on facebook today. I love it!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The nursery is pretty much finished. I need to hang his name above the crib, get a pillow for the chair, hang up a picture, and get a ruler growth chart. Those are all little things though and I already have the pillow and growth chart picked out, I just need to get them from the boutique uptown and my sister is making his name letters. Ooo and I want to get a couple big baskets, one for toys and one for books. And I need a hamper and a different trashcan. So maybe I need more than I thought. O well, it's still basically done. I'll do more pictures when it really is finished...but will it ever reallllly be finished? Doubt it.

Here are some pictures!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

30 weeks 2 days

THIRTY WEEKS!! Holy moly!! I can not believe I am 30 weeks already! Time is flying.

I'm going to do a quick update and then I'll do more detailed posts next week. I have a final Monday so as soon as I'm done with school my life will be a lot less busy.

1. I failed my glucose test, which I already posted about, but my blood sugar is still really high in the mornings. I check my sugar four times a day. Once before breakfast and then two hours after every meal. All of my numbers are really good after my meals, so that means I'm controlling it well with diet. My fasting number before breakfast is not being controlled by food though, just my annoying body. So since there is nothing I can do about that number I am going to start injecting myself with insulin at bedtime. GREAAAAAAAT! Four finger pokes a day and one shot at night. I meet with the nurse Monday morning to go over everything. I am not excited.

2. My maternity pictures are tomorrow evening!! I have our outfits all set out and a couple props I want to use. I can not wait! It's supposed to be a beautiful day for it too.

3. I scheduled an elective 3d/4d ultrasound for tomorrow morning. I can not wait to see little boy in great detail! We are getting a dvd and cd so I will for sure post some pictures ASAP.

4. My first shower is next Saturday! I have already gotten a couple gifts from people that can not make it so I'll do a post on those next week.

4. Shana at sHe sent me and baby boy the most amazing package this week, all the way from Canada! She is an amazing blogger and person. If you don't follow her, you definitely should!!

How amazing is the stuff she sent?!! We are so so blessed!! Thanks again Shana and Norah!!