Thursday, November 29, 2012

Surprise Fluff Mail

I got home a little bit ago and checked the mail. There was a package from Kohls on the front porch and I immediately started racking my brain trying to think of what I ordered from Kohls. I ordered one thing on Cyber Monday, but it was way too big to be in the package that was at my door. I opened it and my very favorite thing was inside. CLOTH DIAPERS! Two of them. One yellow and one blue. Chris's mom ordered them for us. I am so excited. I love them so much. We are so lucky and so is this baby!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hump Day Bump Day Weeks 7&8

Week: 8

How Big is Baby: Baby is the size of a raspberry! The Bump says " Now she weighs in (yay!) at about .04 ounces and measures about .63 inches. This week, she's growing about a milimeter each day. You can't feel it yet, but she's moving those arms and legs like crazy! Her fingers and toes are now only slightly webbed, and her tail (yes, she had one) is gone. Fun fact: your baby's taste buds are now forming."

Weight Gain: It fluctuates every day, but I'm pretty much still the same weight as before, maybe up 1/2 a pound.

Gender: Chris thinks it's a boy, and I think it's a girl.

Names: We have names and I thought we were 100%, but now we aren't exactly sure. We won't be sharing until the baby is born tho.

Symptoms: They change everyday. I'm nauseous pretty much everyday, tired, sore boobs, some cramping, headaches.

Sleep: I've been sleeping really good, probably because I'm really tired.

Movement: too early for that, but I can't wait!

Maternity Clothes: My jeans still fit but they are getting tighter. I'd rather wear yoga pants or leggings any chance I can get.

Food Cravings: Not really anything this week.

Food Aversions: Pretty much everything. I'm never in the mood for anything and the thought of eating makes me sick, but as soon as I eat I feel better.

Stretchmarks: not yet.

What I'm Looking Forward To: looking pregnant and not like I've ate way too much.

What I Miss: nothing.

Next Drs Appointment: December 24th!

Best Moment of the Week: The u/s yesterday for sure. It was amazing.

Here are bump pics from last week and this week. Last week was the polka dotted top.

Monday, November 26, 2012

We have a baby!

I know I'm late on my weekly bump updates. I will do 7&8 on Wednesday. I did take a picture last week at least.

I had my first ultrasound today! I was so nervous. I couldn't stop shaking and the nurse was shocked at how fast my heart could beat. I had nothing to worry about tho! A perfect little baby is chillin in my ute. It had a heartbeat of 154 and measured 7 weeks 5 days. Perfect! I really like the doctor I went to and am going to be transferring for sure to her. I have to call and get all of my information switched tomorrow. There isn't anything wrong with my old Dr but this Dr is closer and I just really liked her. She is going to look at all of my miscarriage information and my D&C pathology and make sure there aren't any extra meds I need to be on. She seems very proactive and I like that.

Here is baby and the yolk sac. Woo!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hump Day Bump Day Week 6

I can't believe I'm 6 weeks already and I'm STILL pregnant!! I feel so confident about this pregnancy. I know this is it and I am so excited about everything. Ooo and I got my first Alva cloth diapers yesterday. I ordered them from a co-op and I just love them. They are so cute.

Week: 6

How Big is Baby: Baby is the size of a sweet pea. The Bump says "The average embryo at week 6 is about .25 inches and will double in size again next week. Wow! Obviously, she's growing like crazy! She's also circulating blood with her increasingly more sophisticated circulatory system. She's about to get cuter too, since she's starting to sprout a nose, eyes, ears, chin and cheeks. And she might even be wiggling her (paddle-like) hands and feet."

Weight Gain: I stayed the same this week so still -0.6

Gender: Chris thinks boy, I'm still thinking girl.

Names: I thought we were 100% on our names, but I just threw our a new girl name the other night and Chris loved it so we might not be 100% right now.

Symptoms: This week I've been really nauseous. I've also had hot flashes, dizziness, extreme exhaustion and migraines. Luckily not all of the symptoms everyday.

Sleep: I've been getting so much sleep. I love it.

Movement: too early for that, but I can't wait!

Maternity Clothes: I'm not wearing any, but I did get out maternity jeans that I bought last time.

Food Cravings: bread or carbs

Food Aversions: everything other than carbs, especially meat and anything surgary.

Stretchmarks: none

What I'm Looking Forward To: my first drs appointment!

What I Miss: nothing yet

Next Drs Appointment: Friday! It's just with the nurse, but at least it's something.

Best Moment of the Week: getting the cloth diapers in the mail I ordered. I love them!

Monday, November 12, 2012


Remember Emily from Waiting on a Baby May? Well she is pregnant!! Congrats to her!! Also congrats to Kate from The Buggy List who got her BFP today too! Annnd Weasle from More Salt's betas came back amazing!! July is going to be one hell of a month!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Afternoon Sickness

Yesterday and today I have had morning sickness, except it's not in the morning, it's 2pm and on. I haven't actually thrown up, but I have been super nauseous. I've also still been having a lot of cramping, but both of these things make me feel better about this pregnancy. I didn't really have many symptoms last time and was never nauseous.

Yesterday I got home from class around 3:30 and spent the rest of the night in bed. Today I am trying to get some things done, even though I would really rather be in bed. I'm sure I'll end up there in a couple hours.

I also made a Dr appointment today with a different doctor. My doctor I have this time is the same doctor I had last time and I really like him, but he doesn't do ultrasounds until 20 weeks. I can not wait until February for an ultrasound. My PgAL brain will not let me go that long. So today I made an appointment at the clinic I work at with a new female doctor. She does ultrasounds at your first appt and also at 12 weeks. I will probably only go to her once for the initial ultrasound, but if I end up not liking my other doctor at least I will have a back up. I'm just testing out both doctors I guess. My appointment with her is Nov 26 in the evening so Chris will be able to go. I am very excited, but also super nervous.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hump Day Bump Day 5 Weeks!

First of all, I had to go back to May to find this survey I use to do last time I was pregnant. I then started reading all of my posts and it's just so hard to think that I lived through that. I can not believe that I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks. I can not believe that I saw and heard the heart beat TWO times and then it just wasn't there anymore. I can not believe it happened to me. I also can not believe that I am pregnant less than 4 months later. It just seems so unbelievable to me. All of it.

Anyway, here is my survey for this week. I will probably start belly pictures next week at 6 weeks.

Week: 5

How Big is Baby: Baby is the size of an apple seed. The Bump says "Your embryo is now measurable -- though at week five, it's a wee .13 inches -- and she's gearing up for much more growth. In fact, in the next week, she'll almost double in size. Grow baby grow!  The embryo doesn't look like much more than a tadpole right now, but at five weeks, she's already starting to form major organs (heart, stomach, liver, kidney) and systems (digestive, circulatory, nervous)."

Weight Gain: I've lost 0.6 since I found out I was pregnant.

Gender: Chris thinks it's a boy, I think it's a girl, but I'd love either and don't really have a preference.

Names: We have both of our names picked out. I'll probably share them after the anatomy ultrasound.

Symptoms: I'm super tired. I've also had some pretty intense cramping, but that's about it.

Sleep: I am sleeping so much and it's such good sleep. I never even wake up once the whole night. 

Movement: too early for that, but I can't wait!

Maternity Clothes: none

Food Cravings: Nothing really yet. 

Food Aversions: none

Stretchmarks: none

What I'm Looking Forward To: My first drs appointment next friday! It's just with the nurse, but at least it's something.

What I Miss: nothing yet

Next Drs Appointment: Next Friday at 10:30 am. Wooo!

Best Moment of the Week: Getting my betas back and seeing that they had tripled!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I just got the most amazing gift from the sweetest lady ever. My friend Emily from Waiting On a Baby May sent me this mustache pacifier to match the mustache rings I bought for her and I. So thoughtful. I am definitely lucky and so is this baby!

Our ring
 Baby's pacifier to match. 

Monday, November 5, 2012


My HCG on Saturday was 212. Today it was 650!!! I am so excited. I was hoping it'd be at least 500, but 650 is more than triple. My progesterone was 15.7. I'm not thrilled with that number but the doctor wasn't worried so I'm not going to worry either.

Ahh! This might actually happen!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Last night Chris and I went to dinner with my parents. My mom gave me a book she bought me. I'm really looking forward to reading it. I really plan on raising this baby as naturally as possible including cloth diapering, breastfeeding and baby wearing.

This morning I had my blood drawn. The Dr decided to do betas and progesterone instead of just a yes/no test because yesterday I was having really bad cramping. I am feeling better today though. I will get my results Monday.

The rest of the weekend I'm going to try to finish everything I have left for the rest of the semester. I'm feeling pretty good right now so I want to get as much done now as I can incase I'm not feeling well later. Only have 5 weeks left til Christmas break!