Saturday, September 1, 2012


I didn't have enough time today to do a ceremony post, so that will have to come tomorrow.

I tested today and I got another negative. My temp was the same as yesterday so I'm not sure how I feel. I will be testing again tomorrow morning.

Chris and I spent the day today celebrating our anniversary. We went and got his wedding band fixed. It looks so good. We were surprised and how good it actually came out. You can't even tell it was cut in two places. We also had dinner at the hotel where our reception was held. There was a wedding there while we were there and we saw and talked to the wedding planner we had. She told us she got married in October and found out she was pregnant right after and had a baby in June. I was definitely very jealous. That is exactly how I wished it would have worked out for us, but o well. I ordered a cake from the bakery that made our wedding cake too, so we had some of that tonight. Tomorrow and Monday we are going to my parent's lake house. Our actually wedding anniversary is Monday so we will probably watch our wedding video that night.

Good vibes for tomorrow!


  1. Still have my fingers crossed...p.s. how beautiful are you!!!!!

  2. that dress is beautiful!!! I love the detail at the bottom and the sweetheart top! praying for you today. I know the waiting is so hard.