Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I had a horrible day today. I work in a medical clinic working with electronic records. At about 10:45 I got a call that Chris was up in urgent care and I needed to go up there. It was workman's comp so it happened at work. That's all they could tell. I freaked out. I literally thought he was have no hand or a missing leg or something. He builds manufactured housing, mostly floors. I got in the room and there were three nurses and the doctor standing around him. I couldn't really tell what was wrong exactly, but knew it had to do with his hand. I walked around to the other side of him and saw that it was definitely his left hand and he had a metal plate stuck in his three fingers. I attached a picture so you can see what I am talking about. The plate had spikes all over the one side and it went down on his hand and the spikes went through his finger nails. One of the fingers had spikes through the other side of his finger. It was pretty gross.

I had to call his mom and get his family dr info because he just moved here with me 2 years ago and hasn't been to the dr here at all. They needed to know his past medical history and when his last tetanus shot was. I also called my mom and told her so that she could come. They told me he was probably going to get transfered across the street to surgery, but were going to see what they could do before sending him over.

The hooked him up to an IV with morphin, and then had to put two shots of numbing stuff into each of his fingers. Omg, he was cussing up a storm when they did that. He said it hurt so bad because it was so much pressure on his fingers. Then they had to cut his wedding ring off :( They tried to pull the plate out of his fingers. They got it out of the pinky and when they tried to do another finger he started yelling again. They had to do the numbing shot again! And again he was cussing up a storm, they also upped his morphin. When they tried to remove it again from the other two fingers I had to go out in the hall. I couldn't handle it. He is a manly man who has done a lot of shit to himself and never thinks anything hurts. He walked into the clinic with a plate stuck in his hand and said it didn't really hurt. For him to be yelling like he was, I knew it hurt. They told him that they could keep trying to pull it out or they could take him to the hospital and put him under and do it. He decided to let them keep trying. I was out in the waiting room and could hear him yelling. It was so awful.

When the plate was removed I went back in the room. His hand was was bleeding pretty bad, but looking at his fingers it was way better looking than I thought it would be. His finger nails were all intact and he barely had any cuts. All the nurses and doctor were shocked it looked that good. The dr just made a splint and then wrapped it up. He was wheeled down to x-ray to make sure nothing was broken and then he came back and waited for the orthopedic surgeon to come look at the xrays and check his hand to make sure no tendions or ligaments were torn. We had to wait awhile, but when he came in he said that the middle finger tip bone was cracked but not bad and would heal on it's on. Also it looks like right now that none of the ligaments or tendions were torn. He was amazed. He said Chris dodged a really big bullet and it could have been way worse. We were all expecting him to lose his fingertips or at the very least have to have surgery.

He got stitched up, was given a tetanus shot, finished the IV fluid and then peed in a cup (since it's workman's comp to test for drugs), and then we left. He got a prescription to percocet and also an antibiotic. He goes back to the ortho dr friday to check to make sure everything really is ok and then he goes back to the family practice dr next friday to have stitches taken out. He is off work the rest of the week and maybe longer, just depends on Friday.

Right now I am making him pancakes and he is laying in bed. Poor hubby.

We are going to try to get his ring fixed this weekend.


  1. Wow that's horrifying but he looks so casual with his feet crossed! Hope he enjoyed the pancakes.

  2. Hope his hand heals quickly! At least he got some pancakes :)

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