Friday, June 1, 2012

Pure Cuteness

This is basically just going to be a picture post of the things that people have gotten us already and a couple lots of things we have bought.

My sister ordered this journal for me and I got it in the mail. It was the first thing we received from anyone. It tells you what is happening with the baby everyday. It's really neat.

She came to visit over the weekend and brought us this Burt's Bees all natural baby care kit. It has shampoo, soap, lotion and other things in it. 

My friend Lauren got us this. The animals all fit inside of the little barn and they all make sounds.

Chris bought these. He loves baby shoes and these will be ok for a boy or girl.

This is the first thing I bought. I wanted something neutral and thought it was really cute! 

We got this outfit at the Osh Kosh outlet over Memorial Day weekend. I loooove hippos and couldn't pass this up.

I ordered all three of these while we were trying to get pregnant. I was going to use each of them to tell Chris, my parents and his parents that we were pregnant, but didn't end up doing that. I still love them tho.

This one I got for my parents because my Dad loves Gilligan's Island. He even has a whole Gilligan themed basement. My dad thought it was so neat. I can't wait for the baby to be able to wear it.

I got this one for Chris's parents. His mom has survived breast cancer, twice. They still haven't seen this, but I plan on showing them June 23rd when we go to see them. I think they'll love it.

You've already seen this one. I got it to show Chris. 

 We got this seven pack of onesies from Carter's over Memorial Day weekend too. I loved the hippo one, of course. They were on clearance and an extra 30% too, so they were super cheap for 7 onesies.

I'm trying not to buy too much else for awhile, but it's really hard for me. I just think everything is so cute and want to buy buy buy.

young and restless

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