Monday, June 25, 2012

Emergency Room

Bumpday Monday is going to be late this week. I have too much on my mind to take a picture and make that post. Instead I'll post about what is going on right now.

Friday Chris and I left to go visit his parents for the weekend. They live 3.5 hours away. I felt pretty sick on Friday. My tastebuds were off and everything just tasted disgusting, plus I had a stomach ache. When we go to their house I was still feeling sick, but went to bed shortly after we got there.

Saturday I woke up and felt pretty good. Chris's mom, sister and I went shopping. We went to Target, Burlington and a consignment store that sold really nice maternity clothes. Chris's mom and sister bought me a lot of stuff. We are so lucky. It was a lot of fun. During the shopping trip whenever I went to the bathroom I noticed some barely there spotting. I wasn't that worried about it and just upped my water. When we got home I decided to lay down. When I got up and went to the bathroom there was a lot more brown blood. I started crying and went downstairs and asked his mom if she would take me to the emergency room because I was bleeding. Chris and his dad had been drinking so he couldn't drive me, but everyone jumped into the car.

We went to the health and wellness center in their town that was new and not very many people know about so we wouldn't have to wait to long. I got right in. I had to give a urine sample and 5 vials of blood. The doctor did a pelvic exam and told me the my cervix was closed and there was only a small amount of blood. She said my blood test came back that I was pregnant (duh) and that my HCG levels were stable (whatever that means). They weren't able to do an ultrasound though because their ob doctor is only there during the week. They called the emergency room in the next town over and told them that we would be coming over.

At the next hospital I was wheeled to the OB triage. They took another vial of blood and then I waited in a room for over an hour. They finally came back and had me go to another room where a student, resident and doctor all were. They did an ultrasound and we saw our precious little bean. The student said it was as big as a cashew, so that's what we have been calling him now. The Dr said everything looked great and there was a heartbeat. They didn't measure it, but the student said it looked like it was between 160 and 174. The Dr said that everything was fine and sometimes spotting just happens. I only measured 7 weeks 5 days though instead of 8 weeks 5 days.

My spotting stopped Saturday night but started again Sunday night. I called my Dr today and he ordered betas. I don't know my exact numbers but the nurse said Saturday they were 14,000 and today 16,000. They are going to do them again on Wednesday. I'm really nervous since my numbers didn't double and they are really low. I'm still spotting, but trying not to worry. After we find out what my numbers are on Wednesday we might be doing another ultrasound. I sure hope so, because I need something to make me feel better before we leave for vacation Thursday night.

I would appreciate it if everyone would keep me in your thoughts and prayers (all 11 of you that follow :) )


  1. Thinking of you and praying!

  2. I wish I could give you a hug right now. I'm sure you're so nervous. I'll be praying!

  3. sending prayers your way, and when i was about 6 weeks along i had spotting and went to the emergency room and i now have a healthy baby. it is definitely common but i am sending positive energy your way. xoxo