Thursday, January 31, 2013

Steal of a deal

I'll just start off by saying I looove a good deal. I never buy clothes full price and can't imagine buying baby things full price either. I am not as good as Kristi, over at Strength, Hope and Everything in Between, but I try.

The other day someone posted on The Bump message boards that Target had the Baby Jogger City Micro on clearance for $50. This is the stroller of my dreams. Babies R Us sells one called the City Mini, which is the exact same thing as the City Micro, as far as I can tell. Anyway, Babies R Us sells the City Mini for $249.99 which you can find here. Target online sells the City Micro for $199, which you can find here. You see any difference in the two? Yea me either.

Back to the original point, Monday someone posts on the message boards that some Targets have the City Micro marked down to $50. I about crapped my pants. The closest Target to me is an hour away, so I immediately text my sister and ask her to check the Targets by her since she lives really close to two. I also text my sister in law and ask her to check her Targets too. Well SIL calls the Target by her and they don't have anymore. My sister calls the Target by her work and they don't have any. She calls the Target by where she lives and they have some! THANK THE LORD! She drives to the Target and what do you know, they are only clearanced down to $99. $99 isn't good enough for me. I want the $50 price so we decide to pass. Tuesday my wonderful sister, who is going to be the worlds best aunt ever, calls all the Targets within an hour of me. All 7 of them. Most of them tell her they are out of them. One Target says they have a few, but they are $99. One Target has TWO for $50! Again, I am crapping my pants. I am so excited about this news!

This Target that has two is an hour away and it was a Tuesday so I knew Chris wasn't going to be pleased about going after work, but I tell him that we really need to go and he says ok. Then I get to thinking that I have a wonderful friend that lives in that town, so I text her and ask her to do me the worlds biggest favor. She says of course and that she lives right next to that Target! She went to the Target and asked the lady where she could find one. The lady tells her that that stroller is only sold online so they don't have any. She calls me and tells me this and I was like ooooo no, you tell that lady she is lying. So friend walks around all the strollers and doesn't see it. She then asks another person and he takes her to another part of the store and shows her where they are, on the bottom shelf. She loads it up and calls me and tells me the amazing news!

I see her on Thursdays because we go to school together and so we did the exchange of money for merchandise this afternoon. Then I came directly home and put it together. It literally took 5 seconds. It was so easy. I'm in LOVE!

Also, I want to thank my sister and my friend for being so amazing and helping me get this. I really can't thank you both enough!! This baby is super lucky to have such loving people surrounding him.


  1. Such a great deal! ::starts clapping:: So proud of you :)

  2. Wow.... that's awesome! Little man is going to be riding in style! :)

  3. Awesome deal! We were going to go with the Micro until we played with the Mini. We liked the Mini better as it seemed more supportive for the baby! TETO! Still an awesome deal!

  4. Thank you SO much for posting about this! After ordering our baby monitor, we had a $40 Target gift card. I stopped by my local Target today and they had ONE left! The sign said $99, but the sticker said $50.04! I feel like I scored big time :)

  5. Awwww this made me smile :) you're welcome...I'm always here to help you and my nephew- Courtney