Monday, January 14, 2013

14 weeks 5 days

This is what my living room looks like right now. 

That is a crib and a dresser. It was a hassle to get home too. Last Wednesday babies r us emailed to me let me know that the furniture was in and I had 5 days to come get it before it got sent back. The closest babies r us is an hour away, so that is the store it was sent to. We couldn't go get it that night or Thursday night because of work and such. Also, Wednesday Chris learned that someone close to him had passed away and he was going to have to go 3 hours out of town for the weekend for the funeral. So, basically I was going to have to figure out how to get the furniture on Saturday by myself. Luckily, my parents were free and we all piled in to my dad's truck and off we went! When we got there the girl at the customer service desk asked if we had a big car because our boxes were big. Uh yea, we have a truck. Sooo then they bring out the first box, the dresser. Holy moly, the box was huge! My dad has a cap on his truck bed and the big dresser barely fit. They then told us the crib was even taller and just as long. No way it was going to fit in the truck with the cap on. Not a chance. So we loaded up the dresser and the mattress and then walked around babies r us a little bit. I got a tucan stuffed animal that Chris had really wanted to get the last time we were there. After babies r us we went to Panera and then drove the hour home. When we got home my dad hooked his trailer up to the truck and he went back to babies r us to get the crib. My mom and I didn't go. When he got there to pick up the crib no one was there that was there before and he didn't have any of the paper work so they weren't going to let him take the crib. He finally saw the guy who helped him load the dresser and he vouched for him so he was able to take it home. Now both pieces are sitting in my living room, because the guest room is still full of things and can't be emptied until the guestroom in the basement is finished. Oooo my. It sure was an interesting journey getting the furniture, but I am so happy to have it!


  1. Babies r us can be super challenging, and don't always have the best customer service, and you're finding out already. But YAY for getting the first things for the nursery.

  2. Holy moly on the boxes. Can't wait to see it all put together!