Thursday, July 5, 2012


We got back from our vacation last night and I went back to work today. Vacation was just what I needed. We spent time at the beach, walked on the boardwalk, ate way too much, slept a lot and did some window shopping. I spotted the whole time, but it wasn't enough to ruin our fun and I had no cramping.

Today at work I let my doctor know that I was on day 13 of spotting, which was more than just spotting, but still brown and not full on period. He decided to move my ultrasound to Tuesday at 9:30am instead of Wednesday at 2. Around 2:30 I started having bright red blood and I've had it all day. It's like a normal period. No cramping and no clotting. My ultrasound is now moved to tomorrow at 4pm. Chris has tomorrow off so he will get to go with me. I'm so glad he gets to go because if everything is ok he will get to see the bean and hear the heartbeat. If everything is not ok it will be nice having him with me.

I'm not leaving the doctors office until they tell me why I am bleeding. This can not be normal and if it has nothing to do with the baby, like he said last appointment, then something else must be wrong and I need to know what it is. I'm also worried about becoming anemic. Pretty sure bleeding for 13 days can cause some issues with my iron.

I don't know how I even feel right now. Everything I have read says that if you are miscarrying you will fill a pad every hour and also have really painful cramps. I'm not bleeding that bad and no cramping, so maybe everything is ok. The other part of my thinks that I must be miscarrying because why else would I be full on bleeding. It just doesn't make sense.

I am ready for everything to go back to normal. I want a normal pregnancy. I haven't had any morning sickness or any symptoms really, but I'd much rather have 24/7 morning sickness than be bleeding. This sucks.

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  1. I can only imagine how spotting for a week would make you feel...tired would be an understatement.Hopefully they can figure all this out and the rest of your pregnancy will go much smoother.

  2. First of all..thanks for linking up today!
    I hope everything goes well for you guys! Stay positive and DONT stress. Stress is so bad. i've been through 2 miscarriages and i was pretty crampy before i actually miscarried so try not to stress!
    Come to me if you need any or someone to talk to :)