Saturday, May 19, 2012


I am still pregnant! I took a digital Thursday morning and "Pregnant" popped up! I don't plan on taking anymore tests and am finally accepting that it's true and I really am pregnant. I'm still really worried about a miscarriage and check all the time to make sure I'm not bleeding, but I keep trying to tell myself I can't do anything to prevent it, and today I am pregnant.

We told my parents and Chris's parents Thursday night. My parents came over to help set up tables for the garage sale we had yesterday and today. I gave my mom a little gift bag with the digital test in it and told her I had forgotten to give her a little something on Mother's Day. When she opened it she was so surprised. She kept saying "are you really?!" and my dad just stood there with his mouth open for a couple minutes. They knew we had been trying and they are so excited to be grandparents.

We had to call Chris's parents to tell them because they live 3.5 hours away and we won't be seeing them until June 23rd. We had initially thought we would just wait until then to tell them, but then decided we didn't want them to have to wait that long to know. Chris called his mom and told her that she was going to be a grandma and she screamed so loud that Chris's dad came in from the garage thinking that she was dying or something. They are both incredibly excited.

Yesterday his mom text me and told me that she and Chris's dad want to buy all of our baby furniture and I can pick out anything I want and they will buy it. She also wants to throw me a shower. I am so amazed at their generosity. We are so lucky to have them. My sister also told me that she wants to throw me a shower so she is going to throw me one here, where my whole family lives, and his mom is going to throw one for their side of the family on the other side of the state. I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

I am going to start doing bump updates on Mondays since that is when I change weeks. Monday I will be 4 weeks. They will probably be boring for the first 8 weeks but I still want to be able to record what I am going through. I probably won't take bump pictures until 8 weeks.

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  1. I took tests after finding out too, I loved seeing those words come up on the screen :)...actually I even took one at around 6 weeks right before my first dr's appointment just to make sure I was still pregnant, i was very scared about it "going away". Do your best not to worry and avoid google! Almost my downfall in the beginning before I could feel our little lady moving around. Sending you good vibes :)

    1. I'm sure I'll take one before my appointment too! Thank you for the good vibes!