Friday, July 12, 2013

Induction Day 2

I know this is way late, but honestly it's really hard for me to even type this out. After I got to 10cm my labor/birth experience was hell. It was not anything like how I had ever envisioned my experience being.

I last said that at 10:30pm I was 7-8cm and feeling wonderful. I had an epidural and was just waiting for 10cm. I text my parents and sister and told them it should be soon, but to just wait until chris or I text to come to the hospital.

At 11 I started shaking really bad so they decided to check me. I was fully dilated! This was it. Chris and I were so excited. Our baby boy would be born soon, or so we thought.

The nurses started setting up the room for delivery. Another girl was in labor the same time as me and actually got her epi right after I did and was now ready to push too. We both had the same Dr so she was going to go first bc she had the urge to push and I did not.

At about 12 the nurse decided I was going to start doing practice pushes. The Dr got there at that point to deliver the other girls baby. I was starting to feel a lot of pain. They had warned me that since I was having back labor as he moved down the epi might not work anymore, and it definitely wasn't.

At about 1:10am the other lady was done pushing. That was the longest hour ever. I remember asking like every 5 min if she was done yet. I was in so much pain and was so ready to be done.

1:15am my Dr comes in and I start pushing. The epidural is doing nothing so they just shut it off. They also upped my pitocin two more times. The pain was so bad, but pushing seemed to help and I was just so ready to see him that I was trying not to focus on the pain. I ended up pushing for two hours. I would push and then when I would stop he would go right back up. My pelvis is too small. Pretty sure I could have pushed for 50 hours and he never would have made it under the bone. I was crying from the pain and was so tired from being awake almost 24 hours. I just couldn't do anymore.
We then decided I was going to have a c section.

At 3:15am we started getting around for the c section. My pitocin finally got shut off. I was still having contractions but was no longer pushing so I pretty much wanted to die. Around 3:45 the anesthesiologist came to give me two bolus of the epidural. I signed my consents and chris put on his surgery outfit. At this point I was pretty much delusional. I was so tired plus the narcotics in the epi made it worse.

They wheeled me down to the OR and set me up. At this point my blood sugar was 286 so I got a shot of insulin. They checked it again a little later and it was 254 so more insulin. I got positioned on the table and chris came in. They did poked me with the knife to see if I could feel it. I could. They waited a few minutes and tried again. I could still feel it. Epidural wasn't working. They then had to rip everything down and start over. I then got a spinal and they set everything back up.

I was so tired/drugged I remember thinking I was going to die on that table or I was going to go into a coma. It was horrible. I kept falling asleep and honestly don't remember much of the actual surgery. I remember hearing him cry and then looking and chris and seeing that chris was crying. Baby was finally here. They showed him to me and it didn't even register in my brain that he was mine. I didn't really feel any emotion. I just looked at him and then fell back asleep.

The next thing I remember was being back in my room. We did skin to skin and I breastfed but I really don't remember much of that.

Oliver Charles Botts was born at 4:52am on July 6. He weighed 7lb 6oz 20.5in long and was perfect.

Things were still not good the next day. I ended up getting a blood transfusion bc I lost so much blood. I'm also taking iron three times a day for the next three months. I was also super nauseous and kept throwing up.

It was just an overall horrible experience. We finally got to leave the hospital Tuesday afternoon and things have been great since we've been home. My blood sugars returned back to normal so I no longer have to worry about that. Oliver is doing great with breastfeeding and is the most amazing baby I have ever seen.

I still don't have my computer so all the pictures I post will have to be from my phone until I can upload off my camera.

I also just want to quickly mention, bc it's also something I had to deal with emotionally, July 6 last year was the day we found out our baby no longer had a heartbeat at 11 weeks and was the day of my d&c. Its interesting how much can change in a year and that's really all I want to say about that.

July 6

July 7


  1. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry that your labour and delivery were so difficult and painful! I am however so glad to hear that things are going well now and I have to say he truly is the most perfect little adorable baby boy. Take care of yourself and I can't wait to hear updates when you are even more settled in :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Bridgett. I am so so sorry that you went through all of that. I am so happy that Oliver (cutest name ever) is healthy and that you are now doing better. Enjoy all of your sweet time with your precious new baby. I really am so sorry that all happened to you. I just read it to Matt and he's terrified now. Good to know though because that's real life. I'm just so glad you're both okay! xoxoxoxo

  3. He's gorgeous! Sorry you had such an awful time though. I hope you have an easy recovery.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I glad you are home and doing well now :) congrats mommy!!

  5. So sorry L&D was such a trial.. but Oliver is too precious!! Congrats momma!!

  6. It's dreadful that you had such a rough time but I'm really glad you're recovering. I love the name Oliver and what a beautiful birth date. July 6th, the amazing things that can happen in one short year.

    He's adorable and I'm beyond happy he's here & healthy!

  7. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience. He is absolutely gorgeous!! So happy for you!

  8. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I know it was all worth it in the end! <3 He is so precious!

  9. Congrats on the new addition to your family! Oliver is precious!

  10. He is so adorable! and I LOVE his name! Oliver is a top 5 on my boy name list! :D

  11. Oh my gosh, I can't even believe what you went through! You are SO strong! And the result is the best gift ever :) SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Congrats :)