Saturday, April 6, 2013

Newborn Cloth Diapers

My newborn cloth stash is almost complete. I am still waiting on three velcro Alvas (one black and two royal blue), but I prepped all of the ones I have so far and organized them so I thought I would share pictures.

We are using 20 THX brand all in ones with snaps. These are exactly like Lil Joey's. They are supposed to fit 4-12 lbs and have an umbilical cord snap. I looooove these. They are so so cute and very soft and have double gussets.

We are also using 20 Alva velcro pockets with charcoal bamboo inserts. I also bought enough bamboo blend inserts to use with the charcoal in case he is a heavy wetter and we need to double. Most people say these don't start fitting until 10 lbs, but Alva started putting 4 rise snaps instead of 3 and I have several with the 4 rise snaps so I think those will start fitting before 10 lbs.

All 37 newborn diapers. Alva on the left (3 missing. 1 black and 2 blue) and THX on the right.

20 THX and 10 Alva Velcro
7 Alva Velcro. Waiting on 3 more.
Charcoal inserts and kawaii one size pockets I got last week from a friend
THX without umbilical cord snap snapped
THX with umbilical cord snap snapped down


  1. Holy stash! Do you need to buy more when he's bigger than 12 lbs?

    1. Yea, we have one size pockets to use after 12lbs that will last til potty training. I have a cloth diaper buying addiction. I buy through a co-op though so I only pay about $3.50 a diaper, instead of $20.

    2. I saw that giveaway and thought of you! You should enter, I sure am.

  2. That is a lovely collection :) I love the black and white ones!

  3. Luh-OVE the fluff! I'm soooo addicted to CD-ing already. I've never done it but my sister did... I just hope I can stick with it! Maybe we'll have to keep each other sane throughout the process? I can't wait to hear how you go through it! Keep posting pointers if you got em!

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