Thursday, April 18, 2013


I got a call from my Dr. We are going to discuss diabetic education and management at my next appointment which is the 25th. I have a lot of questions for her and will also be requesting (demanding) a growth ultrasound. At my 25 week appointment my fundal measurement had me at 27 weeks. At my 27 week appointment I was measuring 31. I am concerned about this now that I know I have gestational diabetes.

Baby shower invites went out on Saturday and a lot of people have been telling me they got them this week!! I got mine in the mail yesterday. I am in love with them! My sister did a great job picking them out. She ordered a pdf from etsy and then had them printed at Staples.

The nursery is still coming along. I hung up the curtains the other day. I went with navy blackout curtains so it's very dark. They are pretty wrinkled, but I'm hoping they straighten out hanging up. They are hand wash, line dry only, so I don't think I can iron them. We have shelves that need hung up and my sister is making the name letters for over the crib, but the nursery is pretty much done. I have a lot of organizing to do, but I feel pretty good about how it's coming along.



sitting criss cross at my desk. big ol belly.



  1. LOVE the bump pic! And the invitation.

    SUPER cute!

  2. The invitations are too cute!!

  3. Cute invitations! You could try some wrinkle release spray on the curtains to help them straighten out.

  4. i love the invitations, let me know if you need anything or help with the diabetes. love you! :) cant wait to see you!!!!!! and i love the picture of you crossing your legs, hes getting so big in there!!!!!! takes after chris hahaha <3

  5. So cute! You can buy a little cheap fabric steamer from Lowe's for less than 20 dollars. It's handheld. I did this for the living room. It works really well!