Friday, November 9, 2012

Afternoon Sickness

Yesterday and today I have had morning sickness, except it's not in the morning, it's 2pm and on. I haven't actually thrown up, but I have been super nauseous. I've also still been having a lot of cramping, but both of these things make me feel better about this pregnancy. I didn't really have many symptoms last time and was never nauseous.

Yesterday I got home from class around 3:30 and spent the rest of the night in bed. Today I am trying to get some things done, even though I would really rather be in bed. I'm sure I'll end up there in a couple hours.

I also made a Dr appointment today with a different doctor. My doctor I have this time is the same doctor I had last time and I really like him, but he doesn't do ultrasounds until 20 weeks. I can not wait until February for an ultrasound. My PgAL brain will not let me go that long. So today I made an appointment at the clinic I work at with a new female doctor. She does ultrasounds at your first appt and also at 12 weeks. I will probably only go to her once for the initial ultrasound, but if I end up not liking my other doctor at least I will have a back up. I'm just testing out both doctors I guess. My appointment with her is Nov 26 in the evening so Chris will be able to go. I am very excited, but also super nervous.


  1. First of all - is it weird that I'm jealous of your nausea? I want the symptoms so embrace it girl! In seriousness though, I hope you feel better...

    Also, I completely understand your decision to switch doctors. Waiting until 20 weeks seems like it's insane! I have my first u/s in less than 2 weeks and my PgAL brain is going haywire. Here's hoping I see a heartbeat even though I know it WILL be a little early.

  2. I'm glad you'll get to see your LO soon & often! Hopefully your sickness doesn't last long. Mine didn't & the only times I got nauseous was in the afternoon like you, mornings - hah!

  3. I think you will feel much better when you see your little one in there growing away :) I never really had many symptoms but I remember thinking that I liked when they happened because then I knew things were going on in there!

  4. I've been thinking about you, love! I don't blame you one bit for wanting to see your little one sooner. I'm actually surprised that he would make you wait until 20 weeks! :( Good for you for seeking other opportunities! :)

    Hope all is well! XOXO!

  5. yay for good strong symptoms! I'm thinking of you and praying! : )